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Privacy policy

Date: 2015-11-02

Register officer


Conforman Oy
Viertolankuja 4


Email: timo.lehtonen (at) conforman.fi


Register name


User register of the Conforlex web site.


Personal user data


The information contained in the User register will be used for purpose of managing customer relationships and site maintenance and development.


Description of registered users


The User register contains personal data of natural persons registered as Users of the Conforlex website.


Description of registration data


The data in the User register is information entered by the Users themselves during registration.

The register contains the following data: User's name; Company / official name of organisation (legal entity); Size of organization (legal entity); Country; City; Phone number; Email.


Disclosure of personal data


The personal data saved in the User register is only meant for the website user management purposes. The registered Users can verify and modify their personal data either through the website or by contacting the administrator: info (at) conforlex.fi

No personal data contained in the User register is disclosed to any third party.


Data security


The User register is appropriately secured and located physically so that no unauthorised persons or instances have access to its information.

The most sensitive data is encrypted before storing it.