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About this service

Date: 2017-04-03

What is Conforlex?


» Conforlex brochure in English   » Conforlex brochure in Finnish


Conforlex web service (www.conforlex.fi) is the gateway to global and national information concerning product related statutory, regulatory and other relevant requirement documents as for instance directives, laws, decrees, regulations and standards.


Users are informed on drafts and just issued or changed requirement documents that apply to medical devices and environmental matters relating to the electrical and electronic products.


Sectors covered are as follows:
1) Environmental matters (Eco-design, REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc.);
2) Healthcare (medical devices, in vitro diagnostic devices, health informatics etc.);
3) Horizontal (information applicable to more than one sector such IEC horizontal standards).


Typical information in the Conforlex records is reference information and links to relevant external sources in the internet. Master records include collected information covering many references and links concerning the same subject.


Information released by Conforlex can be searched at any time from the Conforlex database by using comprehensive search functions.


Currently Conforlex service provides information for instance about the Australia, Canada, China, EU, India, Japan and USA related relevant requirements and also Finnish national requirements. Also the most actual relevant ‘global information’ is followed by Conforlex.


Users can separately ask Conforlex service provider to cover specific area(s) information wanted to follow and released by Conforlex.


Conforlex service is provided by Conforman Oy. Address: Viertolankuja 4, FI-01300, Vantaa, FINLAND.
Email: info (at) conforlex.fi


Why to use Conforlex?


This service tracks relevant new information available on the Internet on behalf of you. The users are automatically updated on new and changed information released by Conforlex.


Conforlex helps organizations to manage the statutory and regulatory requirements as required by the quality and environmental management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001).


How to use Conforlex?


At the first you should create your personal profile by choosing the subjects you want to follow. Those subjects are for instance ‘Environmental matters’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Geographical area’. You will be updated on new and changed information based on your personal profile. During the past 30 days updated information based on your profile is showed for you on the 'My news' view. You will be informed on updated information by email in the case you have subscripted email notifications on your personal profile.


To find information released by Conforlex you can search it at any time from the Conforlex database by using the comprehensive search functions. You can use for searching simple 'Free text search' function alone. You can use 'Free text search' function together with specific menus to limit your search results. You can perform your search also by using any of the menus alone or by using more than one menus at the same time.


If you want to get reminder by email about any individual Conforlex record you can define a date when reminder will be sent to you. You can inform other people about any individual Conforlex record by sending to them via Conforlex "Tell a friend" message. Define the most important records for you. Those records are listed in My Priority list. Expert comments are additional information written by specific experts. User discussion on expert comments with experts and other users is possible. You can follow RSS feeds to get new information released on certain web pages.


See Terms of service agreement and terms of use from here.


Price, subscription and registration


Conforlex price list for the calendar year 2017 (Finnish companies):



Employees in

Healthcare sector.
Annual fee

matters sector.
Annual fee

User accounts per sector included in
annual fees *)


600 EUR + VAT 

200 EUR + VAT 



800 EUR + VAT 

400 EUR + VAT 



1100 EUR + VAT 

600 EUR + VAT 



1500 EUR + VAT 

800 EUR + VAT 



*) Annual fee 2017 for each additional user account is 200 EUR + VAT per sector and per user.


Access to Horizontal sector is included in above fees.


VAT = applicable value added tax


Above price list apply to Finnish companies only. Price list for companies from the other countries: please ask by email.


Contact information: info (at) conforlex.fi.


Start subscription and registration here.